WELCOME to the website of Olivia Strange, award-winning writer of contemporary, historical and fantasy erotic romance for adults. Also writing as Gill Summers.



THE ADVENTURES OF SAM TYLER  are about journalist Samantha  Tyler's  sexploits in chasing articles from sexy men and women for her magazine Behind Doors. Literally, anything goes behind those closed doors. Follow Sam's adventures around the world, from the academic corridors of Oxford, England to the casinos of Las Vegas in the US, or the movie studios of  Hyderabad in India.

SHADOW OF TERROR  is a gay romp during the Terror of the French Revolution. 

THE TIME WITCH - follow the magical adventures of  The Time Witch Jessica Jackson as she flits across the centuries with her lover, the shifter Titus. From the dangerous witchfinder days of England to France in the seventeenth century, and from Tortuga in the Caribean to the Sargasso Sea in a piratiical romp.

THE PENTACLE SERIES - a time tavelling group of vampire hunters, using sexual magic to fight their quarry.


As  long as you are 18+, there is something for most tastes, all products of her experience and her very smutty mind.



Samantha Tyler, known to everyone as Sam is an award-winning journalist (like Olivia Strange!) whose sexploits find their way into her column in Behind Doors magazine. She has ways of getting the very best out of her subjects!

MF, FF, MFM, FMF, 18+


In 1793 Paris was the most dangerous city on earth, especially for aristocrats. The French Revolution was at its height and the period known as The Terror had begun, when whole families could be denounced and sent to the guillotine. Inspector Henri Berney of the Préfecture Secrète is a committed revolutionary whose task is to track down and arrest aristocrats, who are all considered the enemies of the people. When he has a passionate affair with the lawyer’s clerk Marcel Lefevre he does not realize that his lover is actually the Count de Vallois, and that they are natural enemies. His duty should be clear.


MM, 18+

In 1645, as the English Civil War rages, it is a dangerous time to be a witch. Jessica Jackson is a real time-witch whose familiar and lover, Titus, is a shifter. Borne from a long line of witches stretching back to ancient Lemuria, she can step through the doors of time, using her Grimoire, an ancient bookof magic that is also a time-travelling vessel. 

MF, FF, 18+










PUNISH THE WITCH is the second novella in the series. Here the story takes place in 1776. Jessica Jackson finds herself in France, at the mercy of the infamous Count Luigi de Cortellazo.

FF, FF, 18+




After returning to the Grimoire at the end of unish the Witch, Jesica and Titus find that the petrified body of Gideon Fallowfield, the witchfinder, that had been locked in the ancient Egyptian  sarcophagus has disappeared. Only his petrified hand remains. Since it was supernaturally linked to him they use it to find him. But he has been transforned into Captan Reclaw, the infamous sourge of the Spanish Main. With the help of Zaliki, a beautiful, seductive genie he capures them, intent upon taking his revenge. A rollicking magical, sexual fantasy adventure that will takeyou from Tortuga in the Caribean to the haunted ships graveyard in te  Sargasso Sea.